Trash & Recycling

Trash is collected every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Trash is not collected when Memorial Day, July 4, Labor Day, Christmas Day (December 25) or New Year's Day (January 1) fall on a Monday, Wednesday, or Friday. Recycling is collected every Thursday, except for Thanksgiving Day, or when July 4, Christmas Day (December 25) or New Year's Day (January 1) fall on a Thursday. Both trash and recycling should be put on the curb the morning of the pickup, not the night before.
Please view Olivo's website for materials which may be recycled.
Bulk Item Pickup
Residents may arrange a special collection of large or bulky items directly with the trash service. In addition, arrangements must be made in advance for large amounts of recycling, such as the many cardboard boxes used during a move. To determine the cost and arrange a special pickup, contact Olivo Trash Service, P. O. Box 5598, Arlington, VA 22205.
Phone: (703) 237-1139. Residents are responsible for paying the fees for this service. 
Bin Replacement
If a bin is lost, stolen or damaged, residents may contact Olivo's Trash Service to obtain a new container. There will be an additional cost for a new container to be provided and should be paid for directly by the resident. Residents also have the option of purchasing a trash or recycling container from a local store for the trash company to service. Residents are not required to use the trash cans provided by Olivo's Trash Service and are welcome to use their own.
Collection Days
Trash - Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
Recycling - Thursday
Vendor Information
Olivo's Trash - 703-237-1139