Selling/Leasing Units

Selling a Unit
Under the Virginia Condominium Act, owners are required to provide certain information to the prospective purchaser of a condominium unit in Fairlington Towne upon resale. To order a resale disclosure package from FirstService Residential, please click here.
After an order is placed for a resale package, FirstService Residential will contact the unit owner to schedule a resale inspection of the unit within 14 days of when the order was originally placed. Management will need to inspect the unit to determine if there are any outstanding violations or unapproved modifications to the home that violate the governing documents of the Association. After the inspection is completed, the resale disclosure package will be provided to the unit owner which can then be shared with potential buyers.
Leasing a Unit
Leasing a condominium unit may increase your responsibilities as a homeowner. Any leased unit must contain a clause in the rental agreement or lease requiring the tenant to observe the rules and regulations of the Association. Responsibility for conformance with the governing documents, and the rules and regulations lies ultimately with the unit owner, although the Association may also pursue enforcement action against the tenant. As specified in the By-Laws, condominium units in Fairlington Towne may not be leased for transient or hotel purposes or for an initial period of less than six months.
Once the unit owner has a fully executed lease in place, a copy of the lease must be provided to the Association for their records. Additionally, the Association will ask to be provided contact information for the tenants so they can receive information related to the community when notices are sent out and to keep them informed of ongoing projects in the community.