End-Unit Water Billing

For end units, the water company sends both the water and sewer bills directly to the Managing Agent, in this case FirstService Residential. This is because all end units have a front hose spigot that is available for Common Area usage and directly tied to the individual unit's water bill. End-unit owners should NOT contact the water or sewer company to have the billing information changed to their name. 
Every three months, or every quarter, the Managing Agent will mail a water billing statement to all end-unit owners to let them know their water assessment (i.e., fees or dues). During the winter months between November 1 to March 31, when the exterior faucets should be shut off, the unit owner will pay the flat rate for water usage of their unit. During the summer months between April 1 to October 31, the unit owner will pay the lesser of the monthly water bill or average of the winter water bills plus 5%.
How to View Water Invoices
Water and sewer invoices are available for homeowners on the Resident Portal. Residents will need to log in to the portal and visit the Documents section of the portal. Once there, they are able to filter the documents shown in the Financial section, and then select Invoices. All of the available invoices will appear in this category as searchable PDFs.
Paying Water Bills
Water bills are paid the same way that Assessment Fees are paid. Please refer to the "Assessment Fees & Payments" page for information on how to pay your water bill. All water bills are billed to homeowner accounts on the first of the month, and are due by the first of the month. They are considered late if they are not paid by the 10th of the month.