Pest Control

The Association has a contract in place with a pest control vendor who services the Common Area portions of the community. There are three types of pests the contractor targets:
  • Mice 
  • Rats
  • Pavement Ants
Bait traps are strategically placed throughout the community to deter mice and rats from entering individual units. They service these stations monthly on a rotating basis. In addition, the pest control vendor also treats the area around the buildings to help establish a barrier to prevent pavement ants from entering individual units.
Interior Pest Control
Although the Association utilizes a pest control vendor to control these types of pests it is possible that mice, rats or ants do intrude homes. As a courtesy to unit owners, the Association provides a one-time in unit inspection and treatment for these types of pests when issues arise. The pest control vendor will lay traps to catch pests and also inspect the interior and exterior of the unit to determine potential points of entry.
After completing their inspection, the pest control vendor will advise the unit owner on points of entry that were found inside and outside of the home. Exterior points of entry will be sealed and closed by the Association, while interior points of entry will be the responsibility of the unit owner.
In the event there are other pests invading the home, such as cockroaches, silverfish or other pests, the treatment and removal of those pests are the responsibility of the homeowner.
If you have an interior pest control for mice, rats or pavement ants, homeowners should submit a work order request through the Resident Portal in order to notify Management and prompt them to contact the pest control company.