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Phase 1 of Master Plan Shrub Replacement
Posted on Apr 22nd, 2024

The Association has been working with a landscaping consultant, JP Lange Consulting, to help with the implementation of a Master Plan for the overall vision and appearance of exterior landscaping for the community. At the September 2023 Board of Directors meeting the Board approved the Master Plan presented by JP Lange Consulting which directed the Landscaping Committee to begin working with the consultant on soliciting proposals for shrub removals and replacements after identifying some of the first areas of the project to begin working on for this phase. After walking the community and identifying the best areas to begin with the implementation of this project, the Landscaping Committee selected the following rows of homes to begin with this project:
- 3724 - 3730 King St
- 3810 - 3820 King St
- 3813 - 3823 Jay Ave
- 3821 - 3831 Ingalls Ave

Three proposals were shared with the Landscaping Committee by Davey Tree, HLS, and Shenandoah Landscaping. After reviewing the proposals and discussing them with the landscaping consultant, the committee recommended that the Board proceed with the proposal from Shenandoah Landscaping. These proposals were then shared with the Board along with the committee's recommendation, and the Board approved proceeding with Shenandoah Landscaping to begin the installation of these shrubs in the coming weeks. A date has not yet been selected for the installation of these shrubs.

Given the change and impact this will have on resident's exterior appearance of their homes we wanted to send this information out directly to those who would be impacted by the approved changes. The space in front of the homes is Common Area, which means it is the responsibility of the Association to maintain. However, the Association has provided residents with the ability to plant smaller flowers and plantings in front of their homes. The landscaper will be removing existing shrubs and plantings from the mulch beds to make way for the newly planted shrubs in the next few weeks, and once a formal date has been selected we will make sure to notify residents of this. In the event there are specific flowers or small plants (not shrubs or bushes) that you would like to have saved residents should take the time to collect these plants and store them until after the landscaper has completed the removal and installation of these new shrubs. The Association will not be responsible for plants and flowers that are removed as a part of this process.

Specific information on what type of shrubs are being removed and replaced in front of your home can be viewed below:
The Association's maintenance technician, Erick, will be responsible for watering these shrubs over the summer to ensure they last and are well established come winter. If you are an end unit owner, please make sure your front spigots have been turned on so the maintenance technician can water the shrubs. 

Thank you for your understanding and if you have any questions please contact Austin Figueroa, Portfolio Manager, at