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Community Maintenance Standards & Enforcement
Posted on Apr 16th, 2024

Fairlington Towne Condominium prides itself on maintaining the exterior areas of the community and ensuring that approved modifications are made in line with the community guidelines. As a way to help enforce this, the Association will be completing occasional inspections of the community to identify potential violations in the community to maintain community standards and maintenance. Some potential items that we will be looking for are:
  • Decorative items or signs placed on the Common Area
  • Unapproved exterior modifications to the landscaping on the Common Area
  • Unapproved exterior modifications to the exterior of the condominium unit
  • Storage of items in the front and rear of homes on the Common Area
  • Remember, common elements are for everyone's use. Keep them clean; no litter or debris allowed. Also, don't store items on front porches, and maintain backyards properly.
As a reminder, the property owned outside of the boundaries of an interior condominium unit is called the "common elements." Within this general category of property are the "limited common elements," which are for the exclusive use of the owner and occupants of the unit to which the limited common element is appurtenant. No accumulation or storage of litter, including building materials, or trash is permitted on any limited common element or common element. Common elements are areas for use by all owners and residents. Be considerate and leave them in good condition. Do not leave trash behind the back fence or on the front porch. Do not leave cigarette butts, pet droppings, and other debris on the common elements.

Recycle bins, trash containers, toys, bicycles, cooking grills, and lawn and furniture may not be stored on the front porch. The back yards of units are "limited common elements."  All unit owners and tenants must maintain the limited common elements behind their unit (back yards). Grass must be trimmed and weeds kept to a minimum. If grass and weeds become out of control, the Managing Agent will send a violation letter in accordance with Policy Resolution No. 01-19, Procedures Relative to Due Process. Unit owners are also responsible for watering shrubs and trees on their limited common area.
We are asking for the community's cooperation in maintaining, removing, properly storing or discarding any items outlined above to avoid receiving a violation notice. The Association will adhere to Policy Resolution No. 01-19, Procedures Relative to Due Process when issuing violations to residents.